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DBA Program 


Singularity Academy provides a customized Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)  Program for candidates with a singularity educational approach.

Program Objective

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program is designed for experienced business professionals seeking to advance their business management and leadership expertise, undertake advanced research, and contribute to the academic and professional communities.


Program Duration

DBA program spans approximately four years of part-time study, allowing candidates to continue their careers while pursuing advanced education. At Singularity Academy, DBA candidates can learn from any corner of the world online, connect to their supervisors and coaches, pursue academic research and advance their business practice. 




Admission Requirements


  • A master's degree 

  • Relevant professional experience in a managerial or leadership role

  • Submission of a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and a resume

  • Potential interviews and assessment tests




Singularity Curriculum 


The Singularity’s DBA program includes a mix of advanced coursework, research, and a dissertation.


The curriculum for each candidate differs but may consist of the following modules: 



Year 1:


  • Foundations of cross-disciplinary Theories and the Philosophy of Research 

  • Research Methodology 

  • Wisdom and Philosophy (eastern and western) 

  • Academic and business seminars and conferences 

  • Academic writing training 



Year 2:

(personal research direction) 

  • Modules and courses on specific research themes that apply cross-disciplinary knowledge to innovate future business 

  • Business and academic seminars and conferences

  • Research proposal development and submission 


Year 3:

(diving into your research area) 

  • Developing applied research projects in business

  • Research and business seminars and conferences 

  • Thesis (articles) preparation (including writing) 


Year 4:

(writing and publication)

  • Dissertation research and writing

  • Dissertation defence and publication


Research and Dissertation Focus

The program culminates in completing a dissertation demonstrating mastery of research methods and contributing to the business administration body of knowledge. The dissertation should address a significant problem or issue in the field and propose innovative solutions or insights.

Each DBA candidate will be assigned a world-top-level faculty and a business coach from the industry. 



Program Completion and Graduation

After successful defence and dissertation publication, students are awarded the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree from Singularity Academy, Switzerland. 


The dissertation evaluation will be conducted by academic and business committees together in numbers of 8 – 10 committee members, including two supervisors. 




  1. Pre-application: The candidates send their resumes and cover letters. 

  2. Formal Application: A formal letter with a detailed request is sent to candidates who have passed the committee’s pre-application evaluation 

  3. Interviews will be arranged between the Singularity Academy selection board and the candidates.

  4. Admission decisions will be sent out. 

  5. Enrolment will be granted if step 4 is positive. 

  6. DBA program starts.

application fee: 1000 CHF


Singularity Academy follows a customised program and singular educational approach; therefore, enrollment for each candidate in terms of timing and themes differs. But the application is open throughout the whole year.  




Tuition Fee


45,000 CHF (4 years) 


Scholarship may be provided, depending on each candidate’s background and capability.



If interested, please send your lines to

+41 76 281 68 99 

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